"Nearly Done…"

Well, that’s 2011 nearly over. While perhaps a little early for a comprehensive review, it’s certainly been an event filled year. In fact, I’ve struggled to fit the whole year into just 200 photos for the album, although that may me more a reflection of the fact I’m generally taking more photos these days (thanks to my 365). At dinner last night, we were thinking back over some of the high and low points of the year, and in some cases the same event was both a high and a low! The thing that perhaps springs most readily to mind […]

"God’s work in you."

One of the most inspiring books I’ve ever read is Contemplative Youth Ministry: Practicing the Presence of Jesus with Young People (link is to Amazon). In fact, I think it should be compulsary reading for all Christians! While heavily focussed on Youth Ministry (dur!), it’s actually packed full of important principles to do with slowing down, contemplating and reflecting on things more, and moving away from being anxiety driven, and it applies across the board. One point that has particularly stuck with me is the way that, at times, ministry is turned on its head. In particular, the point is […]

"Getting all emotional"

I’ve been thinking a bit about what I wrote last time, and how emotions can’t be trusted. The chief spark for that post was when someone in a film says I’ve never felt this way before, and how I might argue that this is not necessarily a good thing! However as I’ve reflected upon it, I realise that there are occasions when emotions do trump logic and reason. Love is (also) an emotion, and I would never have married my wife if I hadn’t felt that I was in love with her (as well as choosing to love her). When […]

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