House group this week was interesting. We’re doing a study called The Prayers of Jesus, which is a DVD/study book combo looking at, well, the prayers of Jesus. It’s a series, and we’ve previously done The Parables of Jesus and The Miracles of Jesus. Once you get past the slightly odd bollywood-esque music and Americanisms, the material is top notch – inspiring, interesting, and challenging. This week was session 2, although the DVD player didn’t work, so we didn’t actually hear what the scholarly types had to say about the passage, which meant an amount of guess work was required […]

As the regular reader will know (Hi Steve – how are you, by the way?), I recently-ish acquired some cheap extension tubes for me camera. These are basically cylinders of metal that move the lens away from the sensor, thereby reducing minimum focussing distance (at the cost of light and depth-of-field). This enables them to act as a poor-man’s (<10 quid!) macro lens, enabling more than 1:1 reproduction with a full set and a 50mm lens (which happens to be my favourite lens). I’ve already posted some of the pics I’ve taken with them on here. There are, however, two […]

"Empty Stadium"

I caught a snatch of Radio 4 the other day, when a radio presenter was being interviewed, and he was talking about radio being his great passion. Specifically he said You hear some footballers say I would play football in an empty stadium, and it’s like that for me and radio. I have to do it, even in an ’empty stadium’ His point (I think) was about motivation. Even if a footballer is all alone, in an empty stadium, they will still play football because it’s what they love. I’ve been thinking about these sorts of things for a while, […]


One of my ambitions for the year was to submit a photograph for publication to a magazine. Haven’t quite got around to that yet, but one of my photos was published in this week’s Harrogate Advertiser. The text is sort of 80% based on what I sent to. Sadly the paper don’t pay anything for ad-hoc submissions (no top up for my macro lens fund), but stil nice to be in print! This is was I submitted: The wind, rain, and floods gave way to autumn sunshine as the Rev’d Francis and Mrs Elaine Wainaina cycled down one last hill […]

"365 (on the move again)"

Pays to do your research. Turns out flickr only hosts 200 photos for free, which is clearly a limitation if you’re doing a 365 project! While I’m only on No. 138, I wanted to sort something out before I got near 200 and started not being able to see the pics, so I’ve moved all the photos off flickr and on to my own website, on 34sp. The new place to look is photo.eutony.net/365, and I will probably move all my blog photos over there too. I got maybe 10% of the way through writing my own photo hosting webpages, […]

"Miracle Day 2 (spoilers)"

All in all a most satisfactory ending to Torchwood Miracle Day. Unlike the end of Children of the Earth, they couldn’t be shouting Next Season more clearly. So, the important bit – how were my predications? Jack gets immortality back, and death returns to everyone else. Pretty close. I really didn’t see Matheson coming, although I did start to wonder after he was shot by Charlotte. Gwen, Rhys and Anwen all make it through. Yup There’s no cross-over with Dr Who (although I wouldn’t completely write off River Song or Martha Jones).Yup. Kitzinger is going to come to a sticky […]

"Miracle Day"

I’m quite enjoying this season of Torchwood (Miracle Day) – it’s moved a long way from the Alien of the week format. I could do without the sex, which seems to be solely about gratification and not about developing the plot, but otherwise it’s good. I’ve been mulling over what’s going to happen (I should add that I’m writing this just before Episode 9 airs – Jack’s been mortally wounded with a gunshot and is being driven away by Esther, Gwen has been deported) So, the pretty definites, I would say: Jack gets immortality back, and death returns to everyone […]

"Jenson Button"

I didn’t meet Jenson Button today. In and of itself this is not, perhaps, unusual. After all, I haven’t met him (or any other Formula 1 driver) for the previous 37.5 years. I didn’t take his photo today either. This could be the start of a long and almost endless list of famous people I haven’t met or photographed on a given day, but I guess that might grow dull. So worry not – while it’s true that today I neither met nor photographed JB, I was within about 10m of him, and was prevented from acheiving my goals by […]


Can’t resist. I want to do a proper write up of the extension tubes – showing what they look like, how they fit together, and the impact they have on expsoure, focal distance, and depth-of-field. Until that point, here’s some of the photos I’ve taken with them thus far!

"Targets Update"

I got myself all geared up for a climb this evening, and got to the climbing wall, only to discover it closes at 8pm on Saturday. I thought it was open ’till 10pm. That’ll teach me for not checking (and being too lazy to go last night, when it was open ’till 10!) Anyway, seeing as we’ve hit September, probably about time to take stock of how I’m doing. I’ve got an article brewing on my new toy (some camera extension tubes), but it requires a bit more time then I’ve got tonight, so it’s just a catch up instead. […]

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