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As is my habit, edited “highlights” (for want of a better term) of what I wrote on Twitter over the past 12 months. Right, had better make my first Tweet of 2012 a good one. hang on… (Sun 01 Jan 2012) Another engagement at work! And I mean of the marriage variety, not toiletry or […]

Fri Dec 28 2012

Well, last day of 2012. I’ve already reviewed how I did against my ambitions for this year (not too badly), and I’ll look forward to next year when we get there. Year of Tweets to come too (less to choose from this year,  I feel). This year has been notable for being fairly boring. I […]

Wed Dec 12 2012

Way back at the start of 2012 I blogged my ambitions for the year. As I mentioned then, I don’t find the “New Year’s Resolutions” thing at all helpful, and much prefer to identify where I hope to be in 12 months times. All of that said, I had more or less forgotten about this […]

Thu Nov 08 2012

No. 2 Son is at a delightful stage of life – learning new words every day, and eager to try out his enhanced vocabulary. We did fireworks recently, and he watched from inside the house (our reasoning being that cold and loud were not good combinations). His assessment was along the lines of: Bang bang […]

Thu Oct 11 2012

Just a quicky to note that twitter switched off the old school (original) API last night. Where you used to use you now have to use I’ve updated the Weatherbot page (and the weatherbot itself) to reflect this change. In case you’re not aware, the Weatherbot is a sort of tutorial into how […]

When I was a bit younger, there was a sort of craze in Christian circles for wearing rubber bracelets with the initials “WWJD”  – or “What Would Jesus Do”. The idea was, I think, to provide a tangible challenge to yourself about your behaviour and decisions. When one found oneself in various situations, when question […]

Week three of the colour challenge is done – all things blue. Back to random photos after this!

Week two of the colour challenge is done – as you recall it was “white” this time around. Blue kicks off tomorrow, so, until then, here are the whities:

After reading about in Practical Photography, and feeling like my 365s were becoming a little stale, I decided to a “colour week” challenge. I’ve just finished the first one (red), next is white, then blue, and then I’ll think again. Anyway, these things are best presented en masse, so here is “red”:

Fri Jul 20 2012

I was worried I’d borked my Asus slider earlier this week. I’ve got the excellent SwitchMe app, which allows me to have different profiles for the different people who use the tablet. For it to work properly, you also need to have rooted the device. This is working very well. However, this week Asus released […]