"Six Words"

Can’t believe I haven’t blogged about this before! One of the things I came across a few years back were six word stories. The story goes that Ernest Hemmingway was once challenged to write a complete story in 6 words, and he came up with the following: For sale: baby shoes, never worn. He apparantly referred to this as his best work. Wired magazine ran a feature where the asked various writers to have a go, and the results were very good. Computing also featured them from time to time in Backbytes, and I sent some in to them (5 […]

"Published (again)"

One of my pictures has made it into the Harrogate Advertiser again this week. There was a particularly amazing sunset, and they invited readers to send in pictures. So I did. And there it was on page 6! I’ve decided I’m going to start a photographic scrapbook, where I can put bits and pieces like this that come out of my photography! I also found out this week that the St Robert’s, Pannal Photographic Competition is running again this year. This was the competition I won last year – I think I might try my luck again! The Great Yorkshire […]

"2012 – Photos"

Continuing the spirit of my previous post, I’ve got 123 photos to go in my 365 project, and here are some of the photos I want to take.. (links are to tag searches, so the results will change as I upload/tag more photos). Danbo! Portraits The Red Kites Water drops Selfies Street Shots Light trails Bokeh Landscapes Macros Abstracts Arty farties High Key


Last year I decided that resolutions weren’t the way to go. They are often largely negative or too woolly to be useful, and I reckon that the depth of winter is a really bad time to take up something new or try to change a habit. Instead I came up with a list of targets I was aiming for across the year (and I managed all but one of them too – yay!) On reflection, I think the language of ‘targets’ is altogether too business driven, so this year I’m going to have a list of ambitions, or a picture […]

"2011 – a year of tweets"

As is my wont, I’ve decided to pick over my tweets of 2011, and present edited highlights right here, right now. So without further ado, I give you 2011 (with typos corrected!): Thrown some mulled wine into this evening’s curry… Will report on outcome of experiment. (Wed Jan 05) Mulled wine curry essentially a success. (Thu Jan 06) Great service this morning by da Yoof. Not too sure that “God is sick” though! 🙂 (Sun Jan 09) Just sent an email titled ‘C# conventions.’ May have inadvertantly got my colleagues hopes up for a trip to Redmond. (Mon Jan 10) […]

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