Ash Wednesday seems to have come around quickly this time! I toyed with the idea of giving up social media, but e-mail, Twitter and Facebook are the way I keep in touch with several of my friends, so it would be a bit like giving up on those relationships for 6 weeks. I’m aware this is probably post-justification! So this year I’ve decided to me more down to earth, and give up snacking between meals, and indeed snacks in general. Things like crisps, biscuits, cakes, scones, chocolate, sweets, etc. I’m allowed to have a pudding after meals, and allowed to […]

"A climber again"

Finally made it climbing again yesterday – first time since September (and I felt it!). Rather over-did it on the bouldering at the start, and so had all but run out of arm when I moved onto some pitches, but I did manage 4 ascents, ranging from 5 to a 6a (which I was chuffed with). I did 10 or 12 bouldering problems, but all down the bottom end of the scale (VB-V2). I’ve booked up the next 2 months of climbing evenings with my mate, which will provide the motivation to get off my butt, and hopefully I’ll be […]


Well. No. 2 is now well and truly walking. He still stumbles and lands on his rump, but now toddling around is his preferred means of locomotion. He is a complete climber as well. He always has been that way inclined, but now he can climb up onto the sofa and the futon. These aren’t quite shoulder height for him (probably chest height), but his technique is to grab on for dear life, hook his leg up, and kind of drag himself up onto it. Pretty impressive. All he needs to do now is sleep through the night consistently!! No. […]

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