Well. No. 2 is now well and truly walking. He still stumbles and lands on his rump, but now toddling around is his preferred means of locomotion.

He is a complete climber as well. He always has been that way inclined, but now he can climb up onto the sofa and the futon. These aren’t quite shoulder height for him (probably chest height), but his technique is to grab on for dear life, hook his leg up, and kind of drag himself up onto it. Pretty impressive.

All he needs to do now is sleep through the night consistently!!

No. 1 son has his final week of Beaver’s next week, and his first week of being a cub. We also just heard today that’s going to be another dance show later this year.

Their Mum and Dad – both pretty tired, although did some major dusting and hoovering today, which felt good. 272/366 of my photos done too.

It also snowed today – big proper snow. I’ve been doing a mini-series on my 365 about Danbo trying to “find himself”, and today he was going to pause his quest in order to go and play in the snow. In the end, I opted for a different snow picture for my 365 that I’d taken earlier, but I couldn’t waste my Danbo shot, so here he is making a snow angel:

Danbo - Snow Angel