"The Hunger Games"

I went to see The Hunger Games on Friday, at the Harrogate Odeon. Don’t go to the cinema very much, so it was a real treat. What a cracking film – really enjoyed it. The premise is that there is a brave new world order, with a ruling class and a lower class. The ruling class live in a hi-tech city and generally the lap of luxury. The ruled class live in ghettos (called Districts), growing crops, mining, generally eeking out an existance. Around 70 years before the start of the film, twelve of the districts rebelled. This rebellion was […]


I love getting comments on my site, and getting some discussions going. I know I have a couple of friends who read this ‘blog (or who did, anyway), and I have also had several “out of the blue” comments and e-mails to certain posts. I am still very sorry that these historic comments are currently in limbo – it is still my intention to migrate them. That said, since moving to WordPress, and doing the “advertise” thing, I’ve suddenly started getting spam comments – something I’ve never had before. Just so it’s clear; my policy is to moderate all comments […]

"RSS Moved"

Just to do it formally – the RSS feed for my blog has moved, following the switch to WordPress. Please point your favourite reader at the new feed.

"Hell of a week"

Well, few weeks actually. My Mum had a stroke 3 weeks ago, and while she is making a reasonable recovery, still can’t speak (and may never again), and has limited movement down her right side. With her being so far away, it makes it difficult. The younger boy had Chickenpox before Easter, followed by a tummy bug afterwards. The elder managed to catch head lice from somewhere, and then got the tummy bug, and the younger appears to have forgotten how to sleep through the night. We reckon we’ve probably also had it, but thankfully it’s impact has been limited […]

"Moved to WordPress"

Well, that’s it – I decided to go for it. You’re only young once (and for me that was some time ago). My site is now run by WordPress. I haven’t got the theme entirely to my liking – the archive pages and individual post views aren’t great, my twitter feed has vanished off the front page, and the formatting is a bit squiffy. I will get around to fixing these things! Other things to note are that the reviews are now all shuffled into the blog entries, and that the old RSS feeds don’t work no more. (sorry). Oh […]

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