"Moved to WordPress"

Well, that’s it – I decided to go for it. You’re only young once (and for me that was some time ago).

My site is now run by WordPress. I haven’t got the theme entirely to my liking – the archive pages and individual post views aren’t great, my twitter feed has vanished off the front page, and the formatting is a bit squiffy.

I will get around to fixing these things!

Other things to note are that the reviews are now all shuffled into the blog entries, and that the old RSS feeds don’t work no more. (sorry).

Oh yes, and unfortunately I’ve lost any comments people left along the way. I still have them in the old database, so I will investigate if there’s a way to transfer them. Apologies – it won’t happen again.

I will sort out the new RSS feed shortly (hopefully).

[Edit] Forgot to mention – huge thanks to Sam Parkinson for his tutorial on how to create a wordpress theme from scratch.