"That’s amore"

There was quite a funny little exchange on Twitter a few weeks back, when Catherine Fox mentioned the Dean Martin song That’s Amore (you know – “when the moon hits your eye like a big-a pizza pie, that’s amore”). This launched a series of alternative lines, which I thought were worth collating. You may beg to differ! Sorry they aren’t formatted properly – writing this on the WordPress Android app, and it’s too painful to try and do the tweet magic. Chris Upton @Turkeyplucker When an eel bites your thigh and you think you might die, that’s a moray. Jeremy […]


I went to Ripon Cathedral on Sunday to support my vicar being installed as an Honorary Canon. The installation was carried out during Choral Evensong, which is a very beautiful service, especially with the acoustics of the cathedral. It was lovely to see his parishioners out in force – It felt like every church family must have been represented in one way or another (although I know some couldn’t make it) It was great to see him honoured in this way, both in the position itself, but also through the words said during the service. Photos are online at photo.eutony.net/2012-06-24–Canon-Francis.

"Febrile Convulsion"

I had one of the most horrible experiences of my life this week. I should prefix this story by saying that everything turned out ok!! I should also say that this is a potentially traumatic story if you have kids! On Tuesday we went out to the Stray to line the route of the Torch (see my last post), which was all very exciting and uplifting – and we even got a free bottle of coke out of it. When we got back home, it was a lovely hot afternoon, so the boys and I played about in the garden […]

"Follow the Flame"

The Olympic Torch made is making its way through Yorkshire, and yesterday came through Knaresborough, Starbeck, and Harrogate. I took the afternoon off work in order to line the route with No. 1 Son, and cheer it (and the team) on their way past. It was really exciting – while there weren’t HUGE crowds on the particular bit where I was, it was 2 or 3 people deep for as far as I could see in both directions. I tried to take some photos of the general environment (as well as the actual Torch Bearer herself), and have popped them […]

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