No. 2 Son is at a delightful stage of life – learning new words every day, and eager to try out his enhanced vocabulary.

We did fireworks recently, and he watched from inside the house (our reasoning being that cold and loud were not good combinations). His assessment was along the lines of:

Bang bang bang. Do again. Do again. Up sky. Do again do again do again.

Up Sky being a rocket, of course! He also pretended his torch was a sparkler, twirling it round and round like his dad and brother outside.

This morning was another great example. He finished his toast, and wanted more toast. We offered a satsuma, and we got, by way of reply
Oooh Yes PLEASE. Yum yum yum.

His final cute quirk is wanting to take books to bed. He can’t read them, or even see the pictures once the lights are off. But he’s apoplectic if we try and take them out of the bed!!