"2012 – A Year in Tweets"

As is my habit, edited “highlights” (for want of a better term) of what I wrote on Twitter over the past 12 months. Right, had better make my first Tweet of 2012 a good one. hang on… (Sun 01 Jan 2012) Another engagement at work! And I mean of the marriage variety, not toiletry or previous. (Wed 04 Jan 2012) My work pc is very unhappy after a fan heater tripped the power (and melted a 4way). Early lunch while scandisk does its stuff (Wed 04 Jan 2012) Is it me, or is Sherlock turning into Jonathan Creek? (Wed 04 […]


Well, last day of 2012. I’ve already reviewed how I did against my ambitions for this year (not too badly), and I’ll look forward to next year when we get there. Year of Tweets to come too (less to choose from this year,  I feel). This year has been notable for being fairly boring. I didn’t start anything new. Nobody changed jobs, schools, hatched, matched, or dispatched. It’s been lovely!! Of course events of note have occurred. The two most significant being my Mum having a major stroke, and me changing to working a 4 day week (that is, going […]


Way back at the start of 2012 I blogged my ambitions for the year. As I mentioned then, I don’t find the “New Year’s Resolutions” thing at all helpful, and much prefer to identify where I hope to be in 12 months times. All of that said, I had more or less forgotten about this list since I wrote it! However, given that I can’t see much opportunity for covering off the ones I haven’t managed in the next 19 days, may as well assess how I did now! Go climbing regularly – at least 10 times in 2012 – […]

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