Way back at the start of 2012 I blogged my ambitions for the year. As I mentioned then, I don’t find the “New Year’s Resolutions” thing at all helpful, and much prefer to identify where I hope to be in 12 months times.

All of that said, I had more or less forgotten about this list since I wrote it! However, given that I can’t see much opportunity for covering off the ones I haven’t managed in the next 19 days, may as well assess how I did now!

  • Go climbing regularly – at least 10 times in 2012
    Sooo close – 9 times in all. I missed January, June, and August. but that’s still not bad in my books. I’m noticeably better, in terms of stamina and grade.

    Last session I did 8 ascents (5, 5+, 5+, 6a, 6a, 6a+, 6a+, 6b), and ran out time before I ran out of puff. I’ve also now navigated three 6bs over the course of the year, which is three more than I’ve ever done before!

    [Edit – Sneaky little climb on 29th December has bumped me up to ten!]

  • Finish my 365 project (in May) – and probably start year 2 – ✔
    Yes indeed. Finished year one with 3 ‘cheats’. Am being much more relaxed about the rules in Year 2, and while my aim is to take a photo every day, I’m not too fussed when I assign a photo from a different day, as long as I took it recently.

    It remains a proect I highly recommend to anyone, and while I’m devoting less time to it in year 2, it’s still higely enjoyable. I also created a photobook of my 365, which (I think) looks great.

  • Maintain my current weight
    More or less. It’s crept up a bit higher than I would ideally choose.
  • Deliver Growing Leaders course again. – ✔
    Oh yes. Another fantastic group of people, who threw themselves into the material, and who have all grown as a result.
  • Go camping – ✘
    Not so much. In fact, not at all.
  • Go walking
    Fountains Abbey
    I think I had intended a proper walk when I wrote this, which we haven’t done – but we go for toddles in the woods at least once a week, and the occasional trip to Fountains.
  • See my (non nuclear) family – ✔
    Twice this year, although in less than entirely happy circumstances.
  • Cook an interesting dish – ✔
    CakeMince Pie Cakes
    I’d forgotten all about this, so while I’m sure I have cooked some interesting things this year, I’m not sure what.

    Two that I have got evidence for are the little Christmas Cakes I made as graduation gifts for my growing leaders class, and some mince-pie cakes I cooked for the work Christmas Competition.

  • Enter a photographic competition
    No, although I did have a couple of pictures printed in the local paper.
  • Complete the Practical Photography DSLR Skills course, if they run it this year – ✔
    Oh yes – and with a certificate to prove it.
  • Get my Microsoft Certified Professional Developer – ✔
    Yes – just in time for them to change the rules, so I more or less have to start again!!
  • Pray and read the bible every day
    Moving swiftly on..
  • Keep blogging semi-regularly – ✔
    Ah, now this isn’t so bad. 31 entries on eutony.net, and one a month on katartismos.net since July.

    I’ve also switched eutony.net over to WordPress this year, which I have to say I like a lot.

  • Follow God, be a great husband and a great Father
    Doing my best!!

So there you have it – 7 definite ticks, 6 maybes, and 1 definite fail.