Well, last day of 2012. I’ve already reviewed how I did against my ambitions for this year (not too badly), and I’ll look forward to next year when we get there. Year of Tweets to come too (less to choose from this year,  I feel).

This year has been notable for being fairly boring. I didn’t start anything new. Nobody changed jobs, schools, hatched, matched, or dispatched. It’s been lovely!!

Of course events of note have occurred. The two most significant being my Mum having a major stroke, and me changing to working a 4 day week (that is, going out to paid employment). Thankfully my mum is making a good recovery, although her speech may never get back to normal.

Working part-time is interesting, and has had an disproportionate psychological impact. I think it’s because a balance of 5/2 (days at work / at home) feels very different from 4/3, and after 9 months I still haven’t fully adjusted. It’s great having just that bit more time at home, obviously to spend time with the boys, but also to get housework done, and be around if either or them are ill.

Obviously it was a dramatic year from a national perspective, and the extra Bank Holiday was nice, as well as the various celebrations and events of note. Had we not had a one year old, it would have been fun to go to the Olympics, but it was never a sensible proposition.

I think we’ve got into the swing of life as a four now. I’m really looking forward to the day when No. 2 is old enough to play board games, and do jigsaws, as these are activities we all enjoy. One thing that is nice is that No. 1 has got into climbing in a big way, and is rapidly catching up with me. He goes once a week (to my once a month), and we sometimes go together too.

Particular highlights? The olympic torch was good. Finishing (and continuing) my 365 was fantastic, and it was great to make a book. Have enjoyed consolidating my climbing, and also to be able to think a bit more about God’s calling. Growing Leaders was great again, and the feedback forms are full of stories of grace and God on the move. It was a great privilege to lead worship on Christmas Day and last Sunday too, especially with such a talented and and worshipful band. I think that an impromptu time of worship breaking out during practice is always a good sign! Changing our working pattern was an enormously positive step, which we continue to relish.

Downers? Well, obviously my mum. My son’s horrible convulsion back in the summer. The start of the year was also pretty bad, which prompted the rethink of our working patterns.

I do have a bit of a sense that the rollercoaster is at the top of the track, and pausing before a mad descent, with twists, turns, loops, and lots of excitements. This may or may not be the case, but I’ve enjoyed the relative calm and the view this year!

Anyway, wishing you all peace and joy this New Year, with wishes for every blessing in 2013.