"Driving me crazy"

When weather conditions are inclement, I notice more than usual the bad drivers on the road. Snow seems to particularly bring out the foolish in people, who think that compacted snow and ice on the road will have no impact on grip, steering, or stopping distances. This morning, for instance, a truck got stuck just outside our house. It was trying to turn around, and got stuck sideways across the middle of the road, unable to go forwards or backwards – the wheels just span. I went out to offer assistance (not least so my wife could get out of […]

"Here we go again"

So, it’s 2013. Always good to set out some sort of pan for the year, and my ambitions for 2013 are, in no particular order; Continue climbing regularly, 10 times over the year, and improve by a grade (to 6b+,  think). Take a photo got every day. Go to the cinema. Go camping. Cook something I’ve never cooked before. Go to Spring Harvest (yay). Maintain weight at around 72kg Pray and read the bible every day. Put my boys to bed every evening. Complete a Times crossword (electronic aids allowed). Continue blogging and twitter-ing (20 blog posts). Take C# and […]

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