"Kitchen Nightmare"

I think No. 2 son has his first bad dream last night (at least the first that we were able to discern). He awoke in tears, crying out “the saucepans have gone, the saucepans have gone.” Given he doesn’t (typically) go to bed with saucepans, or indeed have them in his room, I can only conclude that he was having a culinary dream that went horribly wrong!!

"Slow Cooked Lamb"

Don’t often post meals, but this evening’s really was a stonker, and dead easy. It’s from Jamie Oliver’s recipe. Take a shoulder of lamb, poke with garlic, shove it in a pan with some veg, chopped toms, and wine, and cook in a low oven for 4 hrs, then shred. It’s going to re-appear in savoury pancake/wrap things tomorrow too! In pictures:

"Lenten Tweets"

I’ve decided to give up (reading) Twitter for Lent this year. I had originally couched this in terms of social media, but actually I can’t give up e-mail at work, and I hardly ever go on Facebook, so Twitter it is. That said, I’m not going to start browsing Facebook just because I’m off Twitter!!! For me, the purpose of giving up something for Lent is like an extended fast, and I’ve written about the point/benefits of fasting before. In summary, it’s a combinaton of self-denial, as a means of growth in discipline and self-control, sacrifice to indicate that I’m […]


I took (and passed) the Microsoft Certifcation exam 70-480 (HTML5 and CSS3) yesterday. There’s some lovely features of HTML5 and CSS3, but I also messed around with JavaScript during my preparations, and have almost ported my old C sudoku solver to JS, which means I’ll be able to make it available on here again. I want to finish restructuring it, so that the code is encapsulated properly, and I’m thinking about putting the solving part into a WebWorker. The basic solve doesn’t need to be (I don’t think) as it’s pretty fast, but if I add an exhaustive search this […]

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