It’s fab having a 2 year old around – they are so funny.

Couple of humurous recent ‘conversations’:

Me: I don’t want you two to get into an argument
2yo: But I want to get into an argio
Me: No!
2yo: I want to get into an argio, please can we build an argio?

2yo: Is (9yo) brushing his hair?
Mum: I doubt it! I’ve never brushed your hair in the mornings. Does that make me a deficient mother!
2yo: No, I don’t think so
Mum: Oh, thank you!
2yo: That’s my welcome

9yo: What’s the time Dad?
2yo (interjecting):  It’s 25’o’clock

Mum (to 9yo): What does your bother call Mario Karts?
2yo (interjecting): He’s Bothering me!
9yo (ignoring 2yo): He calls it “zoomy cars”