"Photo School"

Well, the Practical Photography Photo School is over (although the next one has started straight away), so I thought that I would collate my 6 homework assignments in one place! Module 1: Landscapes Bridge over Ure Taken in Ripon, just after sunset. Tripod, 50mm lens. Grade: Bronze Comments: Image is underexposed Image isn’t sharp enough Composition needs more attention Module 2: Portraits A Selfie?! With the homework deadline looming, I could only find one willing model who’d put up with my endless experimentation – me! Taken at 9.30pm(!), ISO 400, 50mm lens at f/4.0, 1/25s fired with a remote shutter […]

"Can You Find It?"

GCHQ ran another recruitment campaign/competition this year (2013), called “Can You Find It.” I had a stab at it, and though I’d record the puzzles and solutions. I’ll hold off publishing until the competition closes on the 21st October. Puzzle 1 AWVLI QIQVT QOSQO ELGCV IIQWD LCUQE EOENN WWOAO LTDNU QTGAW TSMDO QTLAO QSDCH PQQIQ DQQTQ OOTUD BNIQH BHHTD UTEET FDUEA UMORE SQEQE MLTME TIREC LICAI QATUN QRALT ENEIN RKG This is transposition cipher, with “Q”s substituted for blanks. The big clue is in the frequency/histogram of the letters, which matches normal english, except for Q. It’s 143 characters, which […]

"365 – the end"

I think, with a slightly heavy heart, I need to draw my 365 project to a end. One of my principles is ending well, and  I would rather finish it definitely than have it just flicker out. For the past two a a bit years, I have had a picture to assign every day – that’s about 870, but over the last couple of months the advertised day has slipped further from the photographed date – so I’d find myself taking 5 at the weekend, and using these for the following 5 days. This was never my intention, and I […]

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