I think, with a slightly heavy heart, I need to draw my 365 project to a end. One of my principles is ending well, and  I would rather finish it definitely than have it just flicker out.

For the past two a a bit years, I have had a picture to assign every day – that’s about 870, but over the last couple of months the advertised day has slipped further from the photographed date – so I’d find myself taking 5 at the weekend, and using these for the following 5 days. This was never my intention, and I think it’s right to call time.

The original intention was to meet the challenge of having to take a photo every day, with the subtext of getting much better at using my camera and understanding its settings as well as improving my art. I feel I have achieved these ends, and I now find it hard to go places without having my camera with me! I intend to carry on with the Camera School in Practical Photography, and I will continue to post photos on my 365 site (and this blog), but I suspect this will be closer to once a week than once a day.

I have by no meas exhausted my “pictures I want to take” list, and I look forward to more adventures in photography, and hopefully a new camera once I’ve saved up enough (Canon 7D please!!)

It has been a fantastic and most enjoyable project, and I have no hesitation in recommending a 365 to anyone!