"2013 Tweets"

A rather surprising 1,000+ tweets this year, it would seem! Fortunately I have my scapel to hand… As usual, edited “highlights” of my year on Twitter… Well, first ambition of 2013 achieved. Times crossword 25,361 completed correctly without looking at any answers. (Sun Jan 06 19:01:19 ) I love waking up to see a snowy scene outside the window. Roads are still black, but trees and grass have turned white overnight! (Mon Jan 14 06:42:46 ) I managed to put on 3kg (half a stone) over Christmas. No wonder climbing this week was such hard work! (Fri Jan 18 13:47:24 […]


I went to see Gravity recently – what an immense film. It’s definitely a slow burner – as has already been commented on, it’s something like 10 minutes before the first cut. But it is beautiful to watch. Sandra Bullock and George Clooney are superb. Most of the screen time is devoted to Bullock, playing Dr Ryan Stone, an engineer on her first space flight doing some work on Hubble. A satellite explosion causes a chain reaction of space debris, which destroys Hubble, detaches Stone from the space shuttle/Hubble, and kills the rest of the crew except for Matt Kowalski […]

"2013 Resolutions"

Well, only 14 days to go, so I think I’ll review how I’ve done this year now! Continue climbing regularly, 10 times over the year, and improve by a grade (to 6b+, think) – ✔ ✘ Both a tick and a cross! I only managed 8 times according to my climbing log, but I did manage a 6b+, and started lead climbing. Take a photo got every day – ✘ I managed it up to the start of October, at which point I made the decision to stop the 365 project and just continue on an ad-hoc basis. I’ve posted […]

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