My new phone does instagram really nicely, and I’m finding myself taking more and more photos from within instagram.

In fact, most of this month’s “365” photos have been on my cameraphone. It’s actually quite nice to be removed from the technical quality constraints. My phone is never going to match the quality of my SLR, by any metric, so the attention is firmly forced onto subject and composition.

My 365s still tend to be the aspect ratio out of the phone, where instagram is square, but if this starts bothering me enough I’ll start uploading the square/processed crops.

One thing that is nice about the workflow is that my phone saves the pictures in the same date format as I use anyway, plus it gets uploaded to Dropbox, and hence pops into my desktop, for upload to Gallery.

My Instagram user name is eutonyjames if you want to give me a follow. Expect many more of this year’s photos to be from my phone!