"Goodbye Mum"

This morning I said goodbye to my Mum. After 2 years of fighting against a failing body, she has finally gone home. You have probably realised that my last post was about her, but it seemed right to keep that one anonymous. She didn’t have an easy ride in life, and more often than not was her own worst enemy. But being around her was always an adventure, and I have many many happy memories of my childhood. It’s fitting at one level that she passed away in Norfolk – so much happiness, misadventure, drama, and joy has taken place […]

"Intensive Care"

I had my first visit to an intensive care ward over the Easter weekend, visiting someone who was in there. I was struck by how serene it is, and – obviously I guess – high tech. Each bed is surrounded by machinery – syringe drivers, drip stands, ventilators, and banks of monitors showing vital signs, etc. Despite this, it is all very quite and peaceful. The alarms on the machine are fairly subtle beeps, and the whole feel of the place was very open and calm. Nobody rushed around – the nurses going from around and about were walking. Even […]

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