This morning I said goodbye to my Mum. After 2 years of fighting against a failing body, she has finally gone home. You have probably realised that my last post was about her, but it seemed right to keep that one anonymous.

She didn’t have an easy ride in life, and more often than not was her own worst enemy. But being around her was always an adventure, and I have many many happy memories of my childhood. It’s fitting at one level that she passed away in Norfolk – so much happiness, misadventure, drama, and joy has taken place there – I can honestly say that I couldn’t have asked for a better childhood than every Easter and summer there.

My mum taught the importance of respect and a joyful approach to life. Of the importance of people, and how so many people need a touch of love. I owe her so much, she bought me up right.

She had a major stroke a couple of years ago, which robbed her of her mobility and speech, although she recovered a degree of both. She never got truly well though, and over the last 6-12 months has been steadily fading. I had the privilege of being by her side through the night last night, and commending her soul to Jesus. One of my sisters was holding her hand as she finally went home to Him this morning.

Requiescat in pace Mhairi Christina Deborah Kent.