Well, just 4 days left of 2014 – seems like a reasonable point at which to have a look back over the year, and in particular how I did against my “hit list” which I posted way back in January.

  • Pocket Money – YES. System worked well.
  • Climbing – Not so good. Only 6 climbs, but I did lead a 6a clean in March.
  • Photography – Better than I thought, as I posted 146 photos (and counting, I guess), and did at least one most weeks. It’s really tailed off since September, when I started training. Only 33 photos since the start of September.
  • Cinema – I did go and see Catching Fire, which was fab, and I wanted to see Mockingjay pt 1 but missed it. We did get Netflix this year though, so I have been sneaking in the odd film via that medium.
  • Blogging – yes, well. The main casuality of this year. A paltry 9 posts (10, including this one). It might reach 12 by year end.
  • Roast app, TweetRate – neither.
  • Hospitality – not really any better, although we have had more people to stay this year.
  • 40th – came and went really. I did have plans to get singing lessons, but all the stuff with my Mum meant I had to shelve this, and then didn’t have time before I started training.

My “rocks” are in much better shape, and it’s a tick across the board for them.

There have been some positive things too, which weren’t on my hit list, but might have been:

  • Being recommended for ordination training.
  • Starting ordination training.
  • Studying theology.
  • Some very cool baking – fire engine cake and meringue mushrooms in particular.