For a while I have run a second website at katartismos.net, but since starting on the whole ordination journey I have run out of time and energy to keep it up. However, there’s some good stuff on there (at least I think it is!), so I’m going to move all the posts across from there to this site, and then ultimately close it down. I’ve scheduled them in at one a month for the next 12 months or so, and hopefully by then I’ll also have some new content to put up here!

"YMC Easter School"

I’ve just got back from the YMC Easter School, which was a really good time. About the only thing I don’t like about the course is that you tend to only get information about things just before they happen! So I thought that I’d jot down some thoughts about the Easter School while they’re fresh in my mind, in case it’s of use for next year – either for me or the next batch of first years. So, the YMC Easter school is seven nights away, either starting or ending on Easter day (there’s a 3 year cycle of Easter […]

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