"2015 – A year of Tweets"

As has become my custom, I like to pick my top tweets of the year. I’m including some of my favourite re-tweets this year too. Nothing like a spot of website maintenance to start the New Year. All links now working as they should, and information is up to date! (Thu Jan 01 08:21:35 +0000 2015) May the love of the Word made flesh enfold us, his joy fill our lives, his peace be in our hearts; this night and always. #compline (Sat Jan 03 21:01:57 +0000 2015) Started my placement at Knaresborough today. Next 4 months joining in the […]

"Progressive Psalm"

Another activity that’s good for youth group, but also cell group meetings, is the progressive psalm. It requires no significant extra preparation, but is a nice act of corporate worship. It’s a bit like the game “Consequences“, except that a poem of worship to God is built, instead of a silly story. As with everything else on this site, this isn’t my idea, and I take no credit for it – it is an exercise I have taken part in that I found to be a source of blessing and enjoyment. I struggle to identify where I first came across […]

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