"Summer Discoveries – Pt II"

The second discovery we made this summer was The Forbidden Corner, up near Middleham. What an extraordinary place, and well worth a visit. It’s quite hard to describe in many ways. A common description is “folly” or “maze”, and they seem as good as any. It’s essentially a very large, enclosed garden (in the sense of a walled garden, not in the sense of having a roof), which is organised internally as a complex maze with several distinct areas, and at least two substantial underground sections. (I never quite managed to establish in my mind whether all the parts of […]

"Summer Discoveries – pt 1"

We made a couple of discoveries this summer of good places to visit, both on the recommendation of friends. The first is Redcar beach, which was a great place to visit. At only just over an hour from Harrogate, it is probably the closest beach to us in terms of travel time, and it’s pretty much motorway or dual carriageway the whole way. The beach is enormous, especially at low tide, and – at least when we were there – largely empty. I did one of those fancy panaroma things on my phone, which gives the idea of just how […]

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