"Imperial Shuttle Birthday Cake"

Imperial Shuttle Chocolate Cake Equipment 20cm square baking tin, greased and lined on the bottom Modelling clay Cake board, black fondant icing, silver shimmer powder Ingredients: Chocolate Sponge Cake: 350g softened butter 350g caster sugar 6 large eggs 350g self-raising flour 2 tbsp baking powder 2 tbsp cocoa power (optional) Milk Chocolate Ganache (filling and crumb coat): 150ml double cream 150g good quality chocolate (dark or milk as desired) White Chocolate Ganache (detailing): 100ml double cream 100g good quality white chocolate Chocolate Mirror Glaze: 150ml double cream 135g caster sugar 55g cocoa powder 3 gelatine leaves Tempered Chocolate Wings: 500g […]

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