"365 – Second Helpings"

As one of my resolutions/intentions this year is to take more photos, I’ve decided to resurrect my 365 to a limited extent. I’m aiming for 6 photos a week, with one day off (Saturdays), and I will probably use the camera in my phone at a lot more. As per the original project, it has to be a photo I have taken, and it must be taken on the date it’s posted – but if it takes me a week or to to upload them I’m not too stressed about that. So here’s to 300+ photos in 2020!

"New Year"

While I don’t fully agree with the idea of New Year’s resolutions, there is something about intention and accountability which helps to get things done. So, in that spirit, over the next year I hope to: Try surfing Spend time with both my sisters and step-Dad. Weigh less than 75kg and be generally fitter: Walk at least 30 mins every day. Go for at least 1 hour’s walk every week. Avoid snacking/eating between meals Some form of calisthenics several times a week Take more photos and resurrect my 365: Take a photos every day for 6 days of the week, […]

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