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Sat Dec 31 2022

Right – so if everything is working properly, this should get posted to Mastodon and Twitter, with a short excerpt shown at both. There’s always an inherent danger with calling something “Final” – I fairly regularly see documents circulated with “UpdatedFinal” or “FinalV2”. As always, there’s an xkcd along these lines:

Sat Dec 31 2022

Ignore please.

Sat Dec 31 2022

As I’ve already mentioned, I’ve migrated this website over to nextjs. There is a headless WordPress installation behind it still, but the pages are now pre-rendered and served statically, including pre-loading, so navigation around should be blazing fast. The pages which aren’t pre-rendered are the archive and search pages, which are rendered server-side on demand, […]

Sat Dec 31 2022

Well, 2022 was even worse for us than 2021 – once again as reflected by my social media presence (or lack thereof). However, one of the habits that has emerged for us as a family is our “Good Things” jar – where each week we take a slip of paper, and write on it all […]

Thu Dec 29 2022

Well, the radio silence since May has been for a number of reasons, a large aspect of which was some infrastructure work behind the scenes. I manage to b0rk the pi which hosts this website, but rather than spending ages recreating all the websites, database, config, etc. I decided to put everything into Docker containers, […]

Sat May 07 2022

Slightly unintentionally I have built up a collection of “meaningful” ties, principally from my almae matres. I didn’t really set out to do it, but now I have started doing it I am always on the look out for opportunities to get a tie which represents something. I’ve put them on my 365, but thought […]

Tue Apr 19 2022

I had the excitement last week of finding out that my application for professional registration was successful – and I am now a Chartered Engineer! Technically CEng MBCS for those who are interested. I hadn’t really clocked on to professional registration or being a member of a professional body like the BCS. Obviously I’d heard […]

Just a post to mirror the post on my other blog – I’ve decided it’s not the best use of my resources to continue to pay for domain and WordPress hosting for that blog, so in a couple of weeks will lapse expire, and my vicar blog will only be available via I’ll […]

Sat Apr 16 2022

This is sort of a meta-post to give fair warning that I’m moving away from a paid WordPress hosting plan, and am going to allow “” to expire in a couple of weeks. My hope is that this blog will revert to the free plan, and still be available at If not I’ll have […]

Sat Feb 12 2022

I’ve finally jumped on the Wordle bandwagon, and enjoy tinkering away every day. Best yet has been two guesses, due to a spectacularly good first guess. Worst was six, which I put down to Covid-19 brain fog. Just in case anyone doesn’t know, Wordle is a really simple “mastermind” like game, where you have to […]