"My Ties"

Slightly unintentionally I have built up a collection of “meaningful” ties, principally from my almae matres. I didn’t really set out to do it, but now I have started doing it I am always on the look out for opportunities to get a tie which represents something. I’ve put them on my 365, but thought it would be fun to collate to a single post. Kicking off with my old school tie (which is horrible, and I haven’t worn since the 5th year – and I have also photoshopped out the burn mark I made in it one chemistry lesson!) […]


I had the excitement last week of finding out that my application for professional registration was successful – and I am now a Chartered Engineer! Technically CEng MBCS for those who are interested. I hadn’t really clocked on to professional registration or being a member of a professional body like the BCS. Obviously I’d heard of Chartered Accountants, but never really put too much thought into it. Anyway, in my current job (at JBA Consulting) there is a emphasis on professional registration, so I thought I’d look into it. Turns out that it’s a demonstration of competence in a range […]


Just a post to mirror the post on my other blog – I’ve decided it’s not the best use of my resources to continue to pay for domain and WordPress hosting for that blog, so in a couple of weeks revjameshandley.com will lapse expire, and my vicar blog will only be available via revjameshandley.wordpress.com. I’ll try and update links from this site. In all honesty blogging has taken something of a back seat in my life at the moment in any case.

"Solving Wordle"

I’ve finally jumped on the Wordle bandwagon, and enjoy tinkering away every day. Best yet has been two guesses, due to a spectacularly good first guess. Worst was six, which I put down to Covid-19 brain fog. Just in case anyone doesn’t know, Wordle is a really simple “mastermind” like game, where you have to guess a five letter word in six guesses or less. For each guess you make (which itself has to be a valid five letter word), you get an indication for each letter of whether it is the right letter in the right place, a right […]

"WordPress slug ‘autocorrect’"

Had a very frustrating couple of days fighting WordPress, so I thought I’d share my findings in the hope that someone else may benefit. The slugs incidentally are the part that form the permalink of the page/post – so this post’s slug will be 2022/01/14/wordpress-slug-autocorrect, leading to a permalink of https://www.eutony.net/2022/01/14/wordpress-slug-autocorrect Rather than spin the whole narrative, I’m going to just say upfront – WordPress does not allow you to have pure numeric slugs (e.g. “365” or “123”), and if you try to do this it will ‘autocorrect’ to add a “-2” on the end. Simple as that. In trying […]

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