"Star Wars cake"

I lit up Darth Vader’s lightsaber with a laser pointer – think it worked pretty well. And I also had a stab at BB8.

"Birthday Baking"

One day I may post something that doesn’t involve food… Until that day.. With all due recognition of CressidaBell.com cakes for inspiration (but I’m afraid I don’t run to two hundred pounds for a birthday cake, even for my wife!)

"Slow Cooked Lamb"

Don’t often post meals, but this evening’s really was a stonker, and dead easy. It’s from Jamie Oliver’s recipe. Take a shoulder of lamb, poke with garlic, shove it in a pan with some veg, chopped toms, and wine, and cook in a low oven for 4 hrs, then shred. It’s going to re-appear in savoury pancake/wrap things tomorrow too! In pictures:

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