"Star Wars cake"

I lit up Darth Vader’s lightsaber with a laser pointer – think it worked pretty well. And I also had a stab at BB8.


I seem to be in a bit of a macro phase at the moment – my 100mm macro lens is a permanent fixture on my camera! I love how you can draw out both intricacy and abstraction by getting that close in, especially with flowers and plants (as you may have noticed). Head on over to the 365 to see what I mean.

"365 Photos"

It is now just over 3 years since my 365 project turned into more of a “100” project, and I’ve been looking back over some of the photos I’ve taken, and reflecting on the fact that I actually really miss doing it. If you needed any further persuasion as to why it’s a good undertaking, this is what I got out of doing it, and what I miss about not doing it. 1) It made me look at the world. And I mean really look. Since stopping taking a photograph everyday, I’ve drifted back into a sort of haze again […]


Just a quick shout out to LightReaders (www.lightreaders.com) who sent me a lovely e-mail, asking for permission to use this photo of mine (right) in their advertising this year. They “have presented Christian music with Biblical storytelling to numerous churches and organizations in Ohio for the past twelve years. We present for the Audience of One, only accepting freewill donations, often presenting free of charge, and operate on a shoestring budget.” Very nice to be asked! They even asked if they had to pay (to which I answered no). In general, I’m very happy for people to use my photos […]

"2014 – Photo hit list"

And in the spirit of ambition (and possibly inspiration) these are some of the photos/themes I hope to capture this year. PP Camera School Modules Light spirals Coffee beans Smoke trails Flash-freeze I intend to continue with abstracts, selfies, macros, and I may even dust off good ‘ol Danbo again!

"Photo School"

Well, the Practical Photography Photo School is over (although the next one has started straight away), so I thought that I would collate my 6 homework assignments in one place! Module 1: Landscapes Bridge over Ure Taken in Ripon, just after sunset. Tripod, 50mm lens. Grade: Bronze Comments: Image is underexposed Image isn’t sharp enough Composition needs more attention Module 2: Portraits A Selfie?! With the homework deadline looming, I could only find one willing model who’d put up with my endless experimentation – me! Taken at 9.30pm(!), ISO 400, 50mm lens at f/4.0, 1/25s fired with a remote shutter […]

"365 – the end"

I think, with a slightly heavy heart, I need to draw my 365 project to a end. One of my principles is ending well, andĀ  I would rather finish it definitely than have it just flicker out. For the past two a a bit years, I have had a picture to assign every day – that’s about 870, but over the last couple of months the advertised day has slipped further from the photographed date – so I’d find myself taking 5 at the weekend, and using these for the following 5 days. This was never my intention, and I […]

"Spaced Out"

I have a 1Tb partition on my hard disk that I’ve reserved for storing my photos and videos (such as they are). When I specced the drive out I thought “that’s loadsĀ  of space – PC will need replacement before I run out of space.” I’ve been noticing that I’m down to my last 100 Gb – and put it down to my increased numbers of photos. But at 5Mb a shot, that’s still a lot of photos, and I have started being more ruthless with my deletions, and avoided taking video off the camcorder, and even then storing it […]


I realised recently that I have more or less achieved my last list of photographic ambitions I set 2 years ago (Picture This), and I’ve added some new ones to it since then. I don’t know that there’s any photos that I’m burning to take, but I do still have a few ideas I’d like to do. This is not a definitive list, but my thoughts are currently, in no particular order; Coffee beans Light spirals Portrait Good lighting Selfies Food Macros Street photography Flash-freeze (drips / splashes again). I think that’s enough to be going on with for now. […]

"Blue Challenge"

Week three of the colour challenge is done – all things blue. Back to random photos after this!

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