"Games to play"

I’ve been jotting down some of favourite games that we play at youthgroup. Most of these are good for all ages, and have passed the test of time (several times a term for 2 or 3 years). There are some newer ones we’ve done once or twice, but which seemed good. Games with no equipment or preparation (except possibly tables, chairs and a large room) Splat – An all time favourite game of quick reactions. Fruit Salad – completely barking. Honey, if you love me – a real giggle, and a good “getting to know you” game. Scream – loud […]

"Spoons (card game)"

Good explanation of this one on Uk Family and Wikipedia. The aim of the game is to make 4-of-a-kind, and pick up a spoon, OR to not be the slowest to pick up a spoon. Start with a deck of cards, between 3 and 8 players, and one less spoon than you have players. You need to play this at a table so that everyone can reach the spoons. The dealer deals 4 cards to each player, and then puts the rest of the deck on the table. He takes the top card, and adds it to his hand. He […]

"Irish Snap (card game)"

Requires a pack of playing cards. The aim is to lose all the cards in your hand. All the players sit around a table, so that they can all reach the centre. The cards are dealt out to all the players as normal. The person to the dealer’s left then puts his card into the centre, face-up, saying “One”. The player on his left then puts her card face-up on top of his, while saying “Two”. Play continues in this way (going “One”, “Two”, … “Nine”, “Ten”, “Jack”, “Queen”, “King”, “One”, “Two”, etc) until one (or more!) of the following […]

"Hand jive (a game)"

Sit everyone present around a table so that there are no gaps. Each person puts their hands on the table so that their arms cross over/under the people either side, so if we have five players, A=B=C=D=E, the order of hands will be: B-LH, A-RH, C-LH, B-RH, D-LH, C-RH, E-LH, D-RH, A-LH, E-RH Now decide who is going to start, and which way you will go (clockwise or anti-clockwise). Assuming clockwise for a moment, the starting person taps one of their hands on the table, and then the hand to the left of that hand has to tap, followed by […]

"3 facts, and variations (games)"

These are quite a good “getting to know you” games. There are many other variations. 2 true, 1 false Give each person a sheet of paper. They must write their name on the top, then they must write three things about themselves, two of which are true, and one of which is made up. Gather in all the sheets of paper, then for each person in turn, the group has to try and guess which of the three “facts” is not true. Feel free to get the story behind any particularly peculiar or interesting facts. 3 Facts As a variation, […]

"Encore (a game)"

Divide the group into teams. The leader shouts out a word that is commonly found in songs (“love”, “road”, “river”, “girl”, “baby”, “need”, and so on.) The teams must sing a song in unison (together) using that word. The first team to do it wins a point. Play as long as they like it.

"Scream (the game)"

All the players stand in a circle, facing one another, but looking down at their feet. When the leader says “now”, everyone looks up and at someone else’s eyes. If they make direct eye contact with someone (i.e. person A is looking straight and person B, and person B is looking straight at person A), both people SCRREEEAAAAMMMMM, and then sit down. All the remaining players look back down at their feet, and the game continues until only 2 people are left. Gets the adrenalin pumping! 🙂

"Wink Murder / Follow my leader (game)"

You need probably at least 6 players for this game, but this really is a case of the more the merrier. Nominate one player to be the “detective”, and send him/her out of the room. When the “detective” has gone, choose one of the remaining players to be the “murderer”. The murderer and all the remaining players then sit in a large circle facing each other. The “detective” is called back in, and stands in the centre of the circle. The “murderer” now has to “kill” off all the other players by winking at them. The “detective” has to try […]

"Cat and Mouse (a game)"

Another mad game that’s fairly pointless, but lots of fun and breaks the ice. There are no real winners and losers – it just runs on until everyone’s had enough! You need a large-ish hall for us, and probably at least 8 players. Put out two less chairs than there are players, scattering them around randomly so that they are all slightly further than touching distance away (that is, if you sit on a chair and stretch out your arms, you wouldn’t quite touch someone else doing the same thing in another chair). The aim is to create a sort […]

"Balloon wars (a game)"

Very simple and fun game. You need a couple of balloons, and one chair per player. Split the players into two teams, and set up two rows of chairs – facing one another – so that chairs are about 1m apart. Get the players to sit in the chairs so that the two teams are facing each other. The aim of the game is to try and to hit the balloon over the opposing team’s heads, so that it lands on the floor behind them. Players must remain fully seated in the chairs with both feet on the ground (and […]

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