I went to see Gravity recently – what an immense film. It’s definitely a slow burner – as has already been commented on, it’s something like 10 minutes before the first cut. But it is beautiful to watch. Sandra Bullock and George Clooney are superb. Most of the screen time is devoted to Bullock, playing Dr Ryan Stone, an engineer on her first space flight doing some work on Hubble. A satellite explosion causes a chain reaction of space debris, which destroys Hubble, detaches Stone from the space shuttle/Hubble, and kills the rest of the crew except for Matt Kowalski […]

"Star Trek: Into Darkness"

Warning – Spoiler Alert! Went to see “Into Darkness” at the weekend. What an awesome film! I love what J.J. Abrams (and others) have done with this franchise, and the first outing was fabulous. At the time I commented about my appreciation of the fact there was no cheats way out of the paradox. Vulcan really was destroyed. Spock really was set adrift in time and ended up in a parallel timestream. The casting is superb, and the action relentless. I have a few quibbles (would Kirk really be the only person to think that all the senior starfleet officers […]

"The Hunger Games"

I went to see The Hunger Games on Friday, at the Harrogate Odeon. Don’t go to the cinema very much, so it was a real treat. What a cracking film – really enjoyed it. The premise is that there is a brave new world order, with a ruling class and a lower class. The ruling class live in a hi-tech city and generally the lap of luxury. The ruled class live in ghettos (called Districts), growing crops, mining, generally eeking out an existance. Around 70 years before the start of the film, twelve of the districts rebelled. This rebellion was […]

"Casio Royale"

Well. I don’t want to write another downer review, but I have to admit I was a little bit disappointed with Casino Royale. Actually I was a lot disappointed. The opening sequence (before the titles) is normally one of the highs of the film, but this was a bit of a damp squid. I plan to write a fuller blog on why I think James Bond has gone all wrong, but suffice to say a flashback sequence of him making his first two kills in order to gain ’00’ status didn’t interest me. In fact, I can’t even remember exactly […]

"Batman Begins"

Great film – go see. There, broken all the rules of reviews and started with the bottom line! Think of it like Spiderman, only better. This is the first film since Spidey that I’ve come out of thinking ‘can’t wait for the next one’ (and you just know there’s gonna be one). The film starts with young (8ish?) Bruce being good friends with Rachael (who grows up to be a most watchable Katie Holmes), gaining his fear of bats, losing his parents, and them himself in anonymous Asian countries – although not necessarily in that order. Enter mentor in mountain-top […]

"Mr & Mrs Smith"

Mr & Mrs Smith is the latest high-octance-action-romance fare from over the pond, staring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie as the eponymous couple, married for 5 (or 6) years and, unbeknownst to each other, each one of the world’s top assassins. This is a rather unlikely premise, and the film doesn’t really get going until they realise this fact, and are given each other as targets to take out. They proceed to utterly destroy their house, before realising that seriously beating each other up is assassin foreplay… Thereafter it’s a by-the-numbers shoot ’em up really. I found Mrs Smith to […]


Constantine is a mildly difficult film to classify. On the one hand it’s not just another Keanu Reeves action-y flick, but on the other hand it’s not as intelligent as it thinks it is (if that makes sense). Basic premise is that our Keanu is the titular Constantine, a physic who can see angels and demons. Well, actually it’s not so simple – angels and demons cannot “cross over to our plain”, so instead there are “half breeds”, who are not allowed to directly interfere with humans, but are allowed to influence them in an attempt to further their side’s […]

"The Incredibles"

What a great film this is! I’m a big Pixar film fan in any case, and once again I felt like this film just nailed it. As always the animation is superb, cartoony enough so you’re never distracted into wondering if it’s “real” (although I do have to add that the volcanic island is breath-taking, and at times I did a double-take as to if it was really computer generated..) The characters are also very good, although I didn’t end up caring for Mr. Incredible and co. in quite the same way as I did for, say Nemo or Woody. […]

"The Day After Tomorrow"

What to say about this film? Gripping it certainly is, and follows closely that special genre of disaster movies. The story, special FX, casting, and acting are great, and it manages to be a global drama and local story very well. Only once or twice is excessive artistic license taken – but more on that in a minute. Make no mistake – this is a brutal film. Not in a graphic blood-and-guts type way, but more that, throughout the film there is constant wholesale slaughter! And it’s not just the nameless millions being topped – the film seems to introduce […]

On one level a wonderful film – thrills, spills, laughs and tears, magic, betrayal, twists a-plenty, and as a cinematic experience I hugely enjoyed it. But as a Harry Potter film – well, I’m not sure it cuts it…. Warning – this review contains spoilers about the Harry Potter film and books. The lastest installment of the Harry Potter films is probably the least faithful to the book, and Potter-philes are in danger of finding themselves shouting at the screen things like “You can’t miss that out”, or “So how does Lupin know it’s a map then, Harry?”. Worst crime […]

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