"Big Trouble in Little China"

Great film – not seen this for a long time, then saw it on the cheap from Oz for the special edition with 2 DVDs in. I’ve only watched the film (everything we’ve come to expect from DVD), plus half the director’s commentary (which is ok), but really looking forward to going through the second disk, which has but *loads* of extras!

"Aliens (S.E.)"

Well what can I say? Still possibly my “best film of all time” – I have watched it many many times, and can still hardly find any way the film could be improved. This special edition seems to be even longer then the special edition released on VHS a few years ago, but I wouldn’t swear on that.

"The Blues Brothers (S.E.)"

Loads of new stuff – most of the songs extended, plus one or two new scenes, and one or two extended scenes. In most of the cases I can understand why they were cut for the theatrical release, but for some of them I can’t!

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