"Up on the Roof"

This is a really fun play/musical about 6 college friends who form an impromtu barber-shop type vocal group on the roof of their student digs. There is a plot, of sorts, about their relationships and life choices, but the main appeal is the songs. Heavily based on Motown numbers, and just fantastic singing (but I’m a fan of acapella anyway) – a really good night out, and well worth the effort.

"The Nutcracker"

Went to the ballet last night – saw Nutcracker by the Moscow ballet at the Leeds Grand. Really enjoyed it, actually.. the perfomance was technically very competant (in as much as I know anything about ballet), and very enjoyable to watch the dances to the familiar tunes (gotta love Tchaikovsky), the costumes were fantastic, as were the sets. Must say that the plot passed me by a bit (no programme – not paying 4 quid – and I wasn’t familiar with the story), but nutcrackerballet.net has a good synopsis, together with the well-known musical pieces from it. All in all […]

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