"Sky Odyessy"

Update I’ve taken the plunge and got it from ebay – much better value at 15 or 20 quid. I was perhaps a bit harsh – the lack of proper flight-sim stuff does still rankle, but after a bit of practice with the controls and a lot of playing, I’m actually a bit of a fan now. Finished off the adventure mode, which is satisfying, and might one day get around to unlocking all the special craft… … but probably not!

"SOCOM: Navy Seals"

What a great fun game, especially the online whatsit! The basic premise is that you are a SEAL commander, charged with leading your team of 4 on a number of sorties against those nasty terrorists (who are planning world wide disruption and must be stopped). That’s the offline game anyway, but plug it in to the network adaptor, and it’s a whole different ball-park. You choose to be either a SEAL or a terrorist, on teams of up to 8 players a side, in what really amounts to a death-match. There are some extra hooks in the games – some […]

"Ratchett and Clank"

From the makers of Jak and Daxter comes a game that’s just possibly even better! “Like J&D with guns” is how I’ve heard it described, and that’s not far off, but it doesn’t do it justice. Synopses and the storyline of the game are ubiquitous on the net, so I’ll only add my personal opinion. It rocks! I have played this, and played this, and played this. Straight after finishing it once I went back to the start and played it again (it lets you restart the game with all your guns and some special items). Perhaps I need to […]

"Mad Maestro"

This is a fun, if bizaare, game where you have to manipulate the controller in time with the beat in order to conduct the virtual orchestra properly. In practice this means tapping the ‘x’ button with the correct strength at the correct time, and it’s a bit tricky! But there’s lots of well known pieces, and it’s actually quite compelling!

"Mr Mosquito"

A very odd game, with a lovely concept that’s let down by it’s implementation. You control a mosquito who lives in a japanese family’s house, and the idea is that you have to suck blood from the various family members, in order to stock up for the winter. Of course, they’re not too happy, and if they see you will enter into ‘battle mode’, where upon you have to calm them down by hitting various points on their body. There’s three main problems with the game – the first is that the graphics are fairly poor, nowehere up to scratch for […]

"Jak and Daxter"

What a fantastic game!! I’m loving it – highly addictive, superb pitch of difficulty (puzzles get progressively harder – almost none are manageable at first attempt, but all of them are possible after several attempts, and can usually be beaten before you get naffed off / check the Internet), and awesome graphics. Well worth obtaining if you have a PS2 (nice and cheap from dvdcrave.com in Oz)

"Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone"

Pleasingly faithful to the book, and seemingly heavily inspired by the film (the sets look like the film, as do the avatars, and the voices & music also sound like the film). Anyway, it’s a thid-person perspective 3D game (like Tomb Raider, although a less impressive graphics engine) where you explore Hogwarts, learning spells solving puzzles, attending classes and so on. They also have some great sub-games – like Quidditch and a mine-cart type game from Gringotts. It’s extremely easy (I’d finished over 80% of the game in about 6 hours), and with infinite continues when you die (itself no […]

"Gran Turismo 3"

Played Gran Turismo 1 again… I think I was a bit harsh on my judgement of GT3 – it is a country mile better graphically than GT1… I guess I just didn’t play it for long enough. Still not worth 40 quid tho.

"Zone of the Enders"

Finally a PS2 game that begins to do justice to the power of the machine!! Also played the playable demo of Metal Gear Solid 2 – WOW. I was blown away by this.. I never played the original, which might explain it, but it was fantastic. Awesome graphics and music, excellent gameplay. Joins my “games to buy” list, along with Final Fantasy X, and of course the next generation Tomb Raider.

"Gran Turismo 3"

To be honest I was disappointed; perhaps my expectations were too high? Nothing wrong with it at all – but I’m also not sure where the significant improvement is over GT1.. the graphics aren’t *that* much better….

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