"Published (again)"

One of my pictures has made it into the Harrogate Advertiser again this week. There was a particularly amazing sunset, and they invited readers to send in pictures. So I did. And there it was on page 6! I’ve decided I’m going to start a photographic scrapbook, where I can put bits and pieces like this that come out of my photography! I also found out this week that the St Robert’s, Pannal Photographic Competition is running again this year. This was the competition I won last year – I think I might try my luck again! The Great Yorkshire […]

"2012 – Photos"

Continuing the spirit of my previous post, I’ve got 123 photos to go in my 365 project, and here are some of the photos I want to take.. (links are to tag searches, so the results will change as I upload/tag more photos). Danbo! Portraits The Red Kites Water drops Selfies Street Shots Light trails Bokeh Landscapes Macros Abstracts Arty farties High Key


Wow – I’m halfway through my 365/6 project. Yesterday was my 183rd photo, dedicated to Space Dog in his capsule: I have to say it has been an absolute pleasure. None of these photos have been a chore. There have been varying degrees of effort put in for sure, and large variation in quality, but I have enjoyed even single one. In fact, I don’t think I’m going to stop on the 8th May 2012!


There’s a pair of Red Kites who cruise around over Harrogate fairly regularly. They are complete teases though, because they never circle for long enough for me to get my camera and long lens. I am determined to get a decent photo, but have so far been thwarted. Out on a walk this afternoon came the closest yet, but sadly only had my 50mm lens on, so the results are fairly hopeless. Still, here’s what I managed, with a cropped version too.

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