"Jak and Daxter"

Finished Jak and Daxter now (top game) – when I have some time will continue with Z.O.E. I’ve actually also noticed that there’s quite a few Spyro games for PSOne (plus a new one on the way for PS2). Saving up for a PS2 hard drive at the mo (May!), but after that…
Been dead busy of late (hence no diary entries) – life is a frantic whirl. At home we’ve finished digging up the first stage of patio stones, and the skip has been and gone. Next stage is to try and sort out the drainage, plus lay a new patio.
Anyway, main motivation for this entry is a new word – haven’t done one for a while, but it caught my fancy:
colubrine \KAH-luh-bryne\: of, relating to, or resembling a snake.

Oh yes, and you can now pre order Harry Potter I on DVD…

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