I just love the whole Harry Potter thing (book 5 has been pre-ordered already), and this film was again everything I hoped it would be in many ways.
I’m grieved by the continued underplaying of Snape – he simply doesn’t come across as hating Harry’s guts! Lucius Malfoy is absolutely perfect – as others have said I’m surprised he didn’t melt the film stock! 🙂
Branagh was just great as Lockhart, and Tom Riddle was also very pleasing. I did like the diary sequences – nice use of sepia with just Harry in colour.
I also loved the forbidden forest sequence – I was really on the edge of my seat as they were rescued from the spiders, and subsequently escaped them (even though I knew what would happen). Whomping willow was good too.
My only real complaint was the duelling – I found it to be extremely slow and ponderous… and taking it in turns to cast spells while the other person waits to see what you’re doing??? pur-lease!
But, all said and done I just can’t wait for Prisoner and Goblet – and Order of the Phoenix (book) on 21st June!!!