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Thu May 09 2002

Firstly I’m going to come out and say I’m a huge Jodie Foster fan, which will inevitably bias my view! .. But I really enjoyed this film. Thought that the casting was spot on, the story’s a good yarn (and mostly believable) – the ‘home alone’ moments were played very well, and yet there was […]

Thu May 09 2002

Interesting film – Kate Winslet really shines in it, as does Dougray Scott, although Saffron Burrows failed to really convince. I must admit I failed to grasp some of the subtleties of the plot, but neither did I enjoy it enough to want to rush out and see it again. Pleasing enough home entertainment – […]

Wed Apr 17 2002

This is a top film. It’s a little disturbing/shocking, and engages the heart a lot more than the mind. The acting is faultless, Winona – well, what can you say – and the rest of the cast shape up very nicely. You can’t help loving all those girls (as Winona’s character ends up doing), and […]

Tue Apr 16 2002

Where to start? Well, this is a Britney Spears film. It’s all about Britney Spears – Britney Spears cute and adorable. Britney Spears Science Nerd and valedictorian (and no, she doesn’t pull it off). Britney Spears closet kareoke queen, thrust unwillingly into the limelight (and a recording contract). Oh yes, and then there’s the sobbing […]

Wed Apr 03 2002

What a great film – superb animation, and a great plot. Instantly likeable characters which you can really relate too, as well. The only thing which wrankled a bit was why children were seen as being toxic, when clearly they’re not.. h’mmm… Still not to detract – has to rank up there with the likes […]

Very enjoyable film.. gotta love suspense-y detective films, and I admit I didn’t see the twist coming (but wasn’t trying too hard). Morgan Freeman is just excellent, and certainly makes the film, in my opinion. The car crash at the beginning is pretty brutal though – doesn’t do to watch that more than once! Naff […]

Wed Apr 03 2002

H’mm – not very good at doing this, am I? Right, finished Z.O.E. all through, although if I can be bothered I’ll go through again and do it a bit better, which releases new options in the head-to-head mode. Got a lack of other games at the mo, so might do it… Saw Monsters Inc. […]

Tue Apr 02 2002

What a fab, cool, and groovy film. Could see the ruse a mile off, and personally think it could have been done a lot better (take a leaf out of “The Sting”, for example), but still highly enjoyable to watch. George Clooney is (I’m told) pleasing on the eye, but in all his films I’m […]

Great film – not seen this for a long time, then saw it on the cheap from Oz for the special edition with 2 DVDs in. I’ve only watched the film (everything we’ve come to expect from DVD), plus half the director’s commentary (which is ok), but really looking forward to going through the second […]

Mon Mar 04 2002

Finished Jak and Daxter now (top game) – when I have some time will continue with Z.O.E. I’ve actually also noticed that there’s quite a few Spyro games for PSOne (plus a new one on the way for PS2). Saving up for a PS2 hard drive at the mo (May!), but after that… Been dead […]