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Mon Oct 13 2003

Well, a long time since the last update, but I least I have the excuse of having been away for a week! We went to Centre Parcs, in Sherwood Forest, which was actually a really good holiday. The villa was very comfy, with excellent heating, plus an open fire! They more or less ban cars […]

Mon Sep 29 2003

Oh dear, back to business as usual as far as regular updating goes!! Still, had a most surreal morning this morning. Arriva trains started a new timetable today, which included a loco-driven 4 carriage train – the type with the clunk-click doors (that you have to lean through the window to open). Nothing too odd […]

Mon Sep 22 2003

Lovely weekend. Sister-in-law came to visit, which was nice, and we didn’t really plan to do very much, but ended up getting quite a bit done on the house. The ladies did a bit of weeding, I (finally) fitted our night-light to the front porch (which, incidently, is light sensitive, controlled by a circuit I […]

Fri Sep 19 2003

Well, PGL trekker from 11 years ago’s response was: “I’m sorry – I don’t think I remember you.. Did you have longish black curly hair, and did we sleep together?”. What an awesome response – made my day! (she was joking, by the way.) We swapped photos, and she did remember me, and we’ve been […]

Wed Sep 17 2003

Lots to say today, but I’ll probably forget it before I get to the end! I was writing to some old friends last night, and it suddenly occurred to me that I’ve got the wrong idea about these weblogs type things. I was thinking of them in terms of newspaper columnists and fame or fortune, […]

Mon Sep 15 2003

I had my first shower for 8 months this morning! Ok, so that’s not strictly true – well actually it’s a complete lie – but this morning was the first time since January that I have had a shower at home where I’ve been able to stand up and not have to hold the shower […]

Fri Sep 12 2003

I’m very happy that nothing happened yesterday – I had the BBC News ticker going on my desktop all day, dreading a gas attack in London or something like that. It would be very easy to get depressed – the Israel/Palestine situation seems to be getting worse every day, Iraq is an ongoing cause for […]

Fri Sep 12 2003

H’mm – still no luck finding any decent info about Claudia Winkleman – the best I’ve come up with is some stuff on the BBC website, which has got a nice-ish picture.

Thu Sep 11 2003

I’m a regular reader of the Metro newspaper (mainly because it’s free and gives me something to do on the train), and they have just started carrying a new cartoon strip called Nemi (that site is actually an unofficial fan site, but it has English translations of the strip). It is a work of comic […]

Wed Sep 10 2003

An all time record of four days on the trot!! Thought I’d give a quick mention to Claudia Winkleman. As I’ve mentioned before I am kind of into Fame Academy – but I think the real star of the show is the aforementioned BBC3 presenter. She’s absolutely barking mad and totally surreal, but in a […]