Lovely weekend. Sister-in-law came to visit, which was nice, and we didn’t really plan to do very much, but ended up getting quite a bit done on the house. The ladies did a bit of weeding, I (finally) fitted our night-light to the front porch (which, incidently, is light sensitive, controlled by a circuit I built!), and generally did a bit of tidying up.

The damp people are visiting today, to see if the damp patches that have appeared on our wall are their fault or not, and in any case to treat them. This unfortunately means we can’t decorate that room for another six months, but in some ways that takes the pressure off, and means we can concentrate on other rooms.

Oh yes, and the seemingly obligatory random thought – I’ve been pondering the nature of these bloggy type things, and moved from the idea of a column to the idea of a letter. But I recently remembered that I originally started this thing as a diary, inspired by my friend Penguin. In one way the whole concept of a diary is pretty odd, especially a ‘public’ one like this, but it is a useful way of recording progress (or lack therefore) towards goals and/or ambitions.
I actually greatly rue not keeping a diary when I was younger though, there’s so much I’ve forgotten, and so much that’s confused. I have a sort of time-line type thing, with notes back to 1987 or thereabouts, but I would love to know when I met people, what I was thinking and feeling, as well as exactly when things happened (did I snog anyone at PGL, or didn’t I?).
In recent years I have started keeping a spritual journal, which probably only gets a few entires a year, but even that stretches back probably 6 or 7 years now. Tempus Fugit.
Anyway, the upshot of all this is that I shall strongly encourage our children to keep diaries – of course I’m not going to force them to do so, but I think they’d thank me for it later on in life.