Just had a lovely evening doing some fireworks in the back garden. I can barely remember the last time I did fireworks in the back garden, but I reckon it’s of the order of 20 years ago!

Obtained said pyrotechnics from Asda (who bizarrely sell fireworks which, in the main, have a minimum viewing distance of 25 metres. TWENTY-FIVE meters!?!? These are sold as domestic “garden fireworks”.. Who has a 70 foot garden??) It was their cheapest box; something like 4 quid for 12 fireworks (it was also the quietest box, as poor Ben is only 10 months!), so my expectations weren’t too high, but actually there were pretty good. Not exactly quiet either (Ben ended up watching indoors through a window, as one or two of the bangs and whizzes upset him!)

Good variety, several which behaved like 2 or 3 fireworks rolled into one – the colours were good and bright, and reached a good height (easily 2m off the ground, 3m in some cases). The fuse was a bit scary though – last time I lit a firework it used blue touch-paper, which sort of faintly glowed for a bit.. these used mission impossible-like gunpowder fuses! I planned to set off 2 at once to kick off the display, but when the first one started fizzing and zipping down the fuse wire I legged it!!

And yes, we even had some sparklers (which were Ben’s favourites). Give it 5 or 10 years and he’ll be after the biggest, loudest, heighest fireworks just like his Dad. 🙂

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