Very busy at work at the moment – got a big event coming up in Edinburgh next week where we’re demonstrating our stuff. So I’m going lots and lots of testing and tweaking, but the nature of the beast is that actually I spent a lot of time looking at a piece of code running – and each running typically takes about a minute, which is not enough time to do anything meaningful, but is enough time to get bored!

The obvious answer is to do something interruptible and mindless – like writing this! 🙂

That said, not a lot in the way of news; my mate Penguin has started playing chess with me again (on, which is most cool, although the opening game is over and the board is starting to require serious thought.

I’ve decided to start saving up pennies for some new toys too – I think the time has come to upgrade my GPS – I’ve got a Garmin GPS 48, which fundamentally works… but it’s quite an old model – it’s only got one receiver so it’s a bit slow (and isn’t very accurate), it just eats batteries (I find 4xAAs only manage 6 or 7 hours), doesn’t have a lot in the way of memory or mapping, and it’s just big and heavy.
Don’t get me wrong – I really like it, and it’s introduced me to the joys of having a GPS unit, but modern units are just a lot better. Anyway, got my eye on a Garmin Etrex Venture…