I’m feeling very virtuous, because I am almost entirely ready for Christmas. Going to post the last batch of cards this afternoon (plus a couple of birthday presents), then buy the last couple of pressies on my way home. A. is out this evening, which means I should be able to get them all wrapped too.

I’ve got this afternoon off work, to do some bits and pieces, and I’m hoping I’ll be finished in enough time to go shopping in town. Then all that I’ve got to do is to ice the Christmas cake (already done the marzipan). The tree went up yesterday – using the articifical one this year because it’s a lot easier with a youngster around. He managed to smash a bauble even though there weren’t any going on the tree!!! Going for the minimalist look too, so it’s only got a set of white lights on it. My natural inclination is towards gaudy flashy shiny sparkley overload, but A. is a tempering influence!

I suppose the preparation I haven’t finished is the spiritual, but then that’s supposed to take the whole of advent anyway. We’re doing much better with our advent candle this year, but the advent calendars have been complete chaos. I think next year we’ll only have one. I suppose I do feel a sense of anticipation already. To be honest my focus is really on early next year, for reasons that those who know me well will understand!

I wonder if the goose getting fat is talking about the fact that roast potatoes are supposed to be cooked in Goose fat? I don’t believe I’ve ever actually eaten any goose. Wikipedia tells me goose was the traditional Christmas/Thanksgiving fare, now displaced by turkey. Must be true.