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I dug out one of the DVDs I made of my boy from 3 years ago, when he was coming up to 1. He loves watching himself on TV, so we all settled down to watch… TV shows toddler banging a fridge magnet on the washing machine. You used to spend hours banging away like […]

I had a bit of a tricky thing to solve over the summer. I had to perform 100,000,000 calculations, each of which took nearly a second, and I didn’t have 1,150 days spare, unfortunately. No problem – throw it on a big beasty computer cluster (60 CPUs), do some multi-threading magic, and realise that actually […]

Fri Nov 23 2007

Yay – I’ve got a new job! It starts on the 2nd Jan, and the company are based about 5 minutes cycle away from my house. It’s along a similar vein to my current job, i.e. software development in a GIS context, so mapping and routing, that kind of thing. The company seem amazing – […]

Sun Oct 21 2007

One thing I’ve been thinking about a lot recently is time, or more specifically pace of life. British life seems to be so pressured and hectic, and I find it really easy to be drawn in to charging from activity to activity. So when the train is 10 minutes late to see those 10 minutes […]

Wed Sep 12 2007

Well, I had my first proper encounter with Voice over IP today. I’m on Skype, of course, but people really mean SIP/IAX and RTP when they speak about VoIP… I have to say I am absolutely stunned. At 11 ‘o’ clock this morning I had never knowingly made a VoIP call, and had no immediate […]

Fri Aug 10 2007

The thing about blogging is that you can go for months without putting anything in, then you do one post and suddenly think of 101 other things to write about. Anyway, I thought I’d do a little experiment on Facebook to see how various people responded to a random question I posted. Just for fun! […]

dpreview is in general a fab site, and my first stop for almost any information photographic. Anyway, they’ve posted an item about a new design of sensor for digicams that genuinely records RGB in a single chip: They’ve got a link to the US Patent Office with the full details, and this includes a […]

That’s it. The end of the Harry Potter series. Just finished Deathly Hallows. Now I know whether Snape was Ever-So-Evil, or double-agent extraordinaire. I know whether Harry, Hermione, and Ron survive. Come to that I know whether ‘ol Voldy makes it, or is beaten. It’s probably no spoiler to say that at least one of […]

I thought I’d share my extemporaneous sing-along from this evening’s bath: … with Captain Jack… ‘cos Captain Jack… keeps coming back … with Dr Who… ‘cos Dr Who… got other things to do … in a small blue box… ‘cos a small blue box.. can’t work the locks The first one is definitely the best. […]

Mon Jul 02 2007

Wow – what a finish! I am seriously in awe of Russell T Davies and the writers of Dr Who. To have planted so much so early on (like at the start of the new Series 1). Makes me wonder what other unresolved bits and pieces are waiting to pounce on us. And The Face […]