I went karting on Friday, for a colleague’s leaving do.

I have been before – once – at a Butlin’s or something, but to be honest that was a bit noddy. The carts where single engined, and the track was indoor, but what fun!

It was absolutely fantastic, and I loved it. I wasn’t particularly fast (over a second off the pace of the quickest in our group), and I was very aware of one corner in particular where I could have gone faster, but couldn’t work out how – and instead got it wrong almost every lap. It’s actually quite tricky assessing whether you’ve improved or not, as you have no real feedback about timing until you get out of the cart.

I hadn’t really appreciate how physical it was – after a 10 minute session followed by a 15-20 minute session, when I got out my legs were shaking, and I felt shattered. When I got home and into bed, I discovered a large bruise on my back, which meant I had to sleep on my side.

Of course, I spent the weekend looking up karting tips, how to work out the racing line, etc – and I’m just gagging to have another go. Think I might have to organise my next birthday party around karting!