Nominate a “splat-er”. All the other players stand in a circle around the “splat-er”. The “splat-er” stands in the middle with his/her fingers pointed upwards like a gun. He/she then slowly turns around on the spot, until he/she suddenly points their fingers towards one of the players, as if he/she was shooting them, and says “SPLAT.”

Immediately, the person who has “splatted” has to drop to the ground (to dodge the splat), and the two people either side have to ‘shoot’ each other (i.e. over the dropped persons head) with their fingers and say “SPLAT.”

  • If the person dropping to floor doesn’t do so before the people either side go “splat”, he or she is out.
  • Otherwise whoever was the first to be splatted of the two either side of them are out.
  • If the two either side “splat” at exactly the same time, both can stay in.

The game continues in this way until only two players are left.

At this point the following happens:

  1. The two remaining players stand back to back, with fingers making guns (as if they were having a duel with pistols).
  2. The “splat-er” calls out a vegetable (e.g. “carrot”), and the players take one step apart.
  3. The “splat-er” calls out another vegetable (e.g. “potato”), and the players take another step away from one another.
  4. This continues until the “splat-er” decides to call out a fruit (e.g. “apple”), at which point the players have to spin round and “SPLAT” the other player. The person to do so first wins.

There is always a joker who calls out “tomato” – this should be banned before the splat duel starts! Similarly, continuing to call vegetables ad nauseam is to discouraged.