Hope I’m not getting boring!! The last 6 posts have been about photography, and this is no exception. I’ll save some bandwidth by not actually including any pictures this time – how about that?

Starting week 4 of my 365 (which in itself is a bit scary), and haven’t particularly struggled so far for inspiration or motiviation. In fact, I still have a fairly long list of subjects I want to photograph, and a fairly long list of photographic styles/techniques to try out.

To whet the appetite for the next 49 weeks, here are some of the photos I want to take over the next year:

  • Various musical instruments I play.
  • Self portraits.
  • A landscape or two.
  • Wildlife.
  • Baby shots.
  • More ‘daily’/’weekly’ shots (stuff I do regularly), like:
    • Newspaper / crossword,
    • Baby bottles / feeding,
    • Ironing (bet you can’t wait for that one!),
    • Climbing.
  • Freeze-action flash shots.
  • Fireworks.
  • Light trails on a motorway.
  • More abstracts / macros.
  • Creative bokeh
  • Urban/street shots
  • Portraits, ideally studio (still wondering who to ask..)

Few – that’s a long list!